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A Message from NBA Star, Luol Deng

Dear Friends,

As a Member of the Board of Directors of the Sudanese Community Association of Illinois, I ask that you support our Sudanese Community Center. The development of this Center had long been a dream of Illinois residents of Sudanese descent.

I am honored to be working with so many skilled professionals, elected officials and civic leaders who helped make our dream a reality.

Our Illinois community comes from every corner of the Sudan. Some community members are “Lost Boys” who walked thousands of miles after their villages were destroyed and their family members killed during Sudan’s civil war. Others have fled the ongoing genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region, where over 300,000 have been killed and over 2 million lives are still at risk.

Regardless of religious, tribal or ethnic background we now share a common goal: to support this center where all Illinois residents of Sudanese descent can learn the skills they need to succeed in the United States, and to preserve our heritage for future generations. Please click here to donate and join us in this exciting effort.


Luol Deng